Friday, September 5, 2008


Right, no more posting about personal stuff for the moment. I seem to be writing only about that bad, but I suppose you write to get your thoughts out, eh? Anyway, it's nowhere near as bad as it sounds; everything is actually fine, but I'm a little bit neurotic so it helps to get all my thoughts out. A lot of good has been coming my way, too! For example, Ana is back! That is good news for me. Her blog is the best thinspiration I can have. Also, it's Autumn now, which makes me happy :) For England, Autumn is the best season. It's drizzly and dark and cold, which means I can wear my lovely clothes and bundle up. I also get to wear my Autumn pyjamas and use double duvets, as well as wake up to crisp, cool air which always inspires me to work out. I'm starting sixth form on Monday too, which is really, really exciting as it's a new school, fresh start sort of thing. There's a ton of activites to do there, which I'll definitely take advantage of, one of the most important being the gym ;) I'm also quite pleased with myself because I restricted my eating to about 1350 calories approx. :O Now I'm really, really disappointed. When I added it up a second ago it was 860, but now it's gone up by so much!! Good thing I checked! Yesterday I went out to eat with my friend, who is now very worried about me and made me eat some bread with butter (grr!) He's the loveliest guy ever, and I'm sure he's forgotten by now, but I'll have to be careful when I'm around him. Anyway, my day! I'm defo going to restrict tomorrow ;)

Breakfast- 1/3-1/2 cup oatmeal + 2 servings blueberries + 1 serving peaches + honey + peanut butter (540)

Lunch- 2 slices cinnamon bread + peanut butter + 1 small bowl milk + cereal (380)

Dinner- 1 tortilla + meat + onions + red peppers + 2 slices cinnamon bread (430)

Exercise- 2 miles jogging + regular exercises + regular stretches

Lots of water and green tea.

Oh my goodness, this is so unfair :( I thought I restricted so much more! I was writing about it and thought it didn't seem right, so I checked and I ate SO MUCH MORE than I thought! No wonder I'm not hungry :( This sucks. Ah well- at least I'm exercising and everything again. It was so dangerous running today. It had just rained, and because we're actually not allowed on the field I run on, I have to jump over this creek. Because it had rained, and there's not really a path but a slope, the ground had turned really muddy and I nearly slipped in. So I got all muddy :( However, something as small as that wasn't going to stop me running, so I did the normal amount :D I don't think I can up the jogging just yet, as 2 miles is still quite tiring for me. I'm upping my regular exercises, though, so that combined with eating less should be alright. I breakfast is very healthy for me, but I think the time when I can best restrict is in the mornings. I'm supposed to do a 1/2 cup scoop, but I cut it down to a 1/3 and I think I can start cutting it down to a 1/4. However, if I do, will that just mean I get hungry and eat earlier? I suppose if I have the discipline, I won't let myself eat too much and my appetite will get smaller and smaller...either way, I'll try it tomorrow. I'm defo going to get under 1000 calories tomorrow. Anything over is just appalling for me. They say 2000 calories is natural, but then again there are all different types of women. I shouldn't be eating the same amount of food as, say, a 6 ft woman. Also, I want to be skinnier than the majority of the population. So I'll just keep exercising more and more, and eating less and less, and I should be fine. I'm thinking I would like to start putting pics up of my fat, blobby self but I don't have a camera and there's all the privacy issues as well. For example, I wouldn't like my pics to be photoshopped, and I would simply die if any of my friends found this blog. Which is why I took it off my profile. Either way, it doesn't really matter if I can put my pics up except for inspiration. But hopefully I won't need inspo if I keep it up, because the results should speak for themselves! Whey :)

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