Thursday, August 28, 2008


Height and Weight- 5 ft 2, 110 pounds

I'm so relieved. Recently I've been having major mood swings and strange cravings for food such as donuts, which normally I scorn. Now it is explained- I have my period! And it isn't too bad. Normally, right before I'm due I eat a lot, but so far I've been pretty good. Anyway, kept to the routine I set myself yesterday, maybe even doing a little better than normal! Here it is:

Breakfast- 2 bowls cereal approx (not brilliant, but not bad either) with soy milk

Lunch- large bowl yogurt + one apple + one nectarine + one serving dates + honey + cinnamon + 1-2 serving(s) wheatbran

Dinner- one large sub which includes: baugette + one serving lettuce + 4 slices cheese (2 swiss and 2 provolone) + 3 slices ham + vinegar and olive oil + a few onions + thin coating mayo

Snacks- 1 smallish bowl of soup which includes: chicken broth + a few bits of chicken + potatoes + carrots

I forgot to record my drinks, but I've had a few glasses of water, a few glasses of tea, a glass of cranberry juice, a glass of cinnamon and honey tea and a glass of my coffee and cocoa mix. So 'tis all good.

I'm not exercising today because 1) I'm on my period, 2) my body has been sore and achy everywhere recently and 3) you are supposed to rest from exercise occasionally anyway. So there you have it. I'm also going to sleep tonight because I have to get up early tomorrow for induction day at my new school which should be interesting. More sleep will definitely help me feel better, as I have been sleep deprived all week.

Anyway, I was planning on writing more, but I'm awfully tired. I think I ate relatively well today; maybe not so well in terms of amount but certainly much better in terms of healthiness. I'll start recording my drinks more accurately, and I'll try to cut out more food as I get used to my new diet. And I won't get so discouraged because my mood swings should stop now that I'm on. Yay!

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