Sunday, January 4, 2009


I danced today again for 15min and it was so much fun, except I accidentally hit myself on the head with one of my weights. Didn't hurt too much, actually.

Am about to go do my exercise routine. I already feel a bit more toned!

And I'm eating a lot healthier. I didn't realize how many hidden calories there are in some of my favourite foods, so I'm around 1200-1400 right now. (yes, I know, so much! But already I've cut it by about 100 in the last week, so I'm just going to keep going lower, and school's starting tomorrow so that'll stop me from munching) I've also started eating Tums in the evening because they control my appetite. I've stopped eating after 6, so I think that should help me too.

I just went through all of your blogs because I haven't checked them in a while. I just wanted to say I think you're all amazing and beautiful and lovely.

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SophiaRuins said...

=D your blog is amazing lol

its good that your eating well,

oo i noticed a lot of calories are in my fav foods too =x