Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's the start of a New Year again.

2008 was a good year. I finished my GCSEs, started sixth form and fulfilled last year's resolution. I lost a lot of good friends and made a lot of good friends. I made plenty of mistakes and nearly lost the most important relationship of my life with B, but we made it through, remain good friends, and I'm glad for it. I was loved, have been loved and am loved. I'm still with S and I'm content. All and all, it was a good year. And I hope this one's even better. :)

The Christmas holidays have not been favourable, but I don't think I've too much weight. It's imperceptible, but my stomach and my legs just don't feel as toned anymore, and there's just that thin layer of flab you get from eating too much junk food. I'm still 110, but that's about 20 pounds too much. So, I made my New Year's resolution to get to 90, and I'm sticking with it and it's great.

I'm eating healthier like before and already I feel better. I had started jogging again a little bit before Christmas so it's easier for me after the New Years, but now I can't because my left knee is injured, which really, really sucks. However, I've found a better way of exercising- dancing.

Today I spent 45 min in my house dancing to electro music on youtube and it was WONDERFUL. It's surprisingly tiring, especially since I was in heels and holding 4 pound weights, but it was also exhilirating and a great stress reliever. I had been revising for a very, very long time and needed a break, and since today was the day I was supposed to go jogging and no one was in the house, I thought it would be fun to try. At first I thought I'd be too embarrassed and self-conscious to do it, but within the first minute I was dancing away! It was brilliant, fun and a great calorie burner! I looked it up and it says you burn approx 63 calories per 15min, but I probably burnt more because I was dancing 1) so crazily and 2) because I was holding weights and wearing heels. So this is going to definitely become a regular activity for me.

I also spent last night exercising and it was also really, really good. I did 100 mini push-ups, and 50 crunches, and my stomach feels a hell of a lot better. Before, I just felt quite untoned, and although it was still flat it felt flabby. Now I can feel my muscles coming back and it feels really, really great. I'm also doing some great leg exercises that I actually enjoy doing, and some other things that really help.

The bad news is I didn't realize how many hidden calories I've been eating. I ate a biscuit, looked it up and realized it had 67 calories in it!! Aren't they supposed to be HEALTHY!? But I'm doing pretty well- I'm allowing myself to eat one unhealthy thing a week. It doesn't matter how big or small it is; it could be a piece of chocolate or a slice of pie. What the incentive is- and it's working- is that I don't binge, because I want to be able to eat something I'm really craving. If I allow myself to have just one piece of chocolate, that would mean I'm not allowed to eat anything else unhealthy that week, and it's just not really worth it, is it? So it's excellent incentive, and it's working for me and I'm really happy. :)

Anyway, with the eating I'm doing pretty well, and with the exercising I'm doing excellently, so I'm happy. I'll definitely be able to tone up very quickly, and I should be able to tone down those few extra pounds relatively quickly. I'm restarting my food diary, with thinspo pictures, and I'm also going to take weekly photos of myself to see my progress.

Hopefully everything'll work out to plan...I'll see! :D

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